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Peter Nôta

Sagan vs Cavendish crash analysis compared to Demare Tour de France 2017 4 stage

Sagan and Cavendish crash analysis VS Demare and Bouhani Tour de France 2017 4 stage. As the analysis proved already, Sagan and his elbow was unintentional try to maintain his balance because Cav leaned on him. It was AFTER Cav lost balance and didnt cause crash. Demare on the other hand went far more aggresively and he crossed line to Bouhanni in the way that Bouhani had to slow down and he almost crashed as well. Demare got no penalty at all and has great position in green jersey competition. He is french after all.. On the other hand, Sagan is disqualified from the whole race and his reputation is unfairly hurt to many fans all over the world. Epic fail Tour de France, epic fail.

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