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Peter Nôta

Welcome to my world

The Jews and our human civilization


The Jews have always been giving our human civilization the most valuable personalities and with them also science, culture, economy,technology but also politics, now matter that they were never so numerous and they are not numerous now.

Let’s just recall the 19th and 20th century personalities, such as Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Albert Einstein, Mark Chagall, Amadeo Modigliani, Sarah Bernhardt, Woody Allen, and Henry Kissinger...

This divine nation provided humankind with so many personalities that they were able to attain at least 196 Nobel Prizes in all spheres of life within a single century, despite the monstrous conditions they were given from mankind.

Few will pause at least for a moment and think in a human way about what we all, as individuals, as a society, as a civilization, owe to that nation, exposed to those unbelievable monstrosities.

And what has our civilization done and what is it doing now for all that we were given by the Jews in all spheres of life – from physics to music?

Our European civilization has been persecuting them for hundreds of years, thinking of exterminating them and for that they tried to invent the methods that even the most frightening monster would not be able to invent, the methods that we, as people with limited sensory organs, cannnot imagine.

Gas chambers, rape, robbing of their material as well as mental wealth, "medical" experiments .... Tahe list of what we have done to them in the name of the nation, on behalf of God, on behalf of ideology, is endless!


What evil the Jews have done to mankind to deserve so many freaks that even the devil would not have invented?

At the cost of the sacrifices of thousands and thousands of their people, this nation has managed to overcome incredible barriers and reach their native country so that there was a place on this Earth where they could live "in peace"! And they returned to where they came from, buying back the land that belonged to their ancestors, but even there they must not have peace ... Not only because of their neighbours, but because of our European civilization, which does not seem to be able to absorb the fact that the Jews could not be completely exterminated, some of them survived and built their own state! This is their sin that Europe does not want to forgive !?

This nation wants to proclaim its holy city as its capital! And? And the whole world is against them! From China to Yemen! Including France and England!

Was not Jerusalem put up by the Jews with their blood? Do not they have the right to declare it their capital today?

Is it not enough for France how the Jews were treated there? What is their goal? Their interests in Turkey, the Arab countries? Nothing else, right?

And England? How quickly they forgot they tried to use all possible means so that Holocaust survivors could not "escape" from persecution in Europe and get home! The Jews do not have oil, but neither millions of Islamists like England! Millions of Islamists with British Citizenship! And so blatantly Britain, after what they have done to the nation, still opposes the Jews having Jerusalem as the capital of their small state!

No one cares about justice, fairness or humanity, but again and again only about their bestial interests, and on behalf of them they are able to commit other crimes at the expense of humanity!

However, they forget one thing: the fact that they may bury civilization with this inhumanity, the biggest part of which they owe namely to Jews!


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