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Peter Nôta

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Peter Nôta: The Organization Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières) has asked us for help in gaining information about the case of Pavol Rýpal.

Peter Nôta:


The Organization Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières) has asked us for help in gaining information about the case of Pavol Rýpal.


• Blog written on April, 20th, 2020.

The Organization Reporters Without Borders has asked us for cooperation in gaining more information about the case of Pavol Rýpal.

First of all, they needed some general information to be able to move further. Namely, they asked me to provide:

• A date and place of birth of Pavol Rýpal.

• A photocopy of a document, if possible (a birth certificate, ID card, passport ...if none of these were available, I should send them at least information from the Lists of people who disappeared.)

• The names of his parents.

• The main information about his disappearance (of course I could look up it in the mass media, but maybe it would be better to write them again and describe the case more precisely.)

• A contact to his family, which I could ask for an approval from to raise this international help (Reporters Without Borders would act on the family's behalf in this case. However, the organization could not do it without their knowledge, or approval.)

• Information on how well the investigation was going, whether some complaints, or objections to the investigation occurred, and whether the investigation was thorough.

• Whether we know the person who investigated and supervised the case, whether these people are mentioned or not in the publicly known cases of Marián Kočner (who is currently tried for ordering murder of journalist Ján Kuciak in 2018), or Prosecutor General Dobroslav Trnka (they have explicitly asked about these two men, but of course, if circumstantial evidence existed that whoever else in the public function could interfere in the investigation, they wanted to know about him.)

Since I have been occupied with Pavol's case for about 5 years at full stretch, I will summarize all I know in this blog. I am doing it publicly for you to understand what is at stake when loosing a journalist to an actual murder. And in this case, the loss of a colleague, a friend, and a man who was going to be my business partner.

I have selected these parts fom Ivetka's answers to The Organization Reporters Without Borders:

Ivetka (Pavol Rýpal’s sister) has sent me his ID, which he had in his wallet with some other business cards, Tatrabanka credit cards and some pocket change. Her text continues: 'Now I have realized that Pavol left his ID back in the flat in Bratislava. Therefore, the fact we have found out about him going to the 'south of the country' to leave the country, just click into place.' This information confirms that Pavol wanted to run away, and save his life. 'I have got also Pavol's birth certificate, which I needed a year ago, because I wanted to pronounce him dead. However, we let it be at that… And the investigation? Was it still taking place still in October? November? In 2008, two men came to take a DNA sample from his father, and it has surprised us, as Pavol's mum also lived. However, they claimed that was enough. Despite this, in February 2018, other investigators came and took also a DNA sample, but this time from Pavol’s mother. We had no information about the investigation. We didn't attack anyone, as we still naively thought that he left and lived somewhere. And hence, that one day he would return back. No one even imagined he could be actually murdered. He has always said that he would go away for a while, and than one day return, after he wrote a book, and we would all be blown away by it. Hence, we were waiting for his return. Lately, (in 2008), he has mentioned in emails that he is tired, and didn't want to continue the investigative journalism path anymore, and he said he wanted to do more fun stuff. However, he didn’t want to tell me anything over the phone - 'sis, you don’t know who hears this'. Thus, he was convinced they were eavesdropping on him (and this is another important fact)… Together with Peter Nôta, we have been searching for Pavol for about 5 years by now. Peter Nôta has released many facts from their work in his blogs:



He got really far and thus, I have a feeling that if police would have investigated his disappearance more thoroughly, the investigation could have been finished, and resolved already while ago. If an ‘ordinary person' can grasp the facts and put them together, then such professional experts with investigation skills, should have been done with this case a long time ago. Only, if it was prohibited to actually investigate, and resolve the disappearance of Pavol Rýpal!

Today, I have discussed your interest at Reporters Without Borders with my parents, and they have agreed with everything that could be done to find Pavol. I am also giving you my full consent to proceed further. This was the answer from Pavol's sister to Reporters Without Borders.

Now I will continue by briefly summarizing all that preceded Pavol's disappearance – and his murder.

In the first blog, I described what was happening before his disappearance https://dennikn.sk/blog/360630/hlada-sa-palo-rypal/ Because mainly journalists from the Black PR agencies responded, and there was a criminal complaint filed against me twice, I knew my blog has already frightened some people. Hence, I have contacted Ivetka and we started to investigate on our own. Various witnesses have contacted us. Some of them genuinely wanted to help, but their leads were not right. I have dusted off our archive, which I have kept safe. There were television productions, society topics, and both investigative journalism themes. I had to revisit all of it and go back to it in my memory. Fortunately, everything came back to my mind. Hence, I have made a map, in which I was restoring in writing of all the themes that we had been working on:

  • Activities of black PR agencies.
  • Missing people (murders, people buried and never found. Today, the number of missing people is 600, and just nearby Dunajská Streda, there are up to 100 of them buried.)
  • Frauds with forests.
  • Frauds with soil.
  • Consumption tax frauds.
  • Tax frauds.
  • Frauds with light fuel oils in Slovakia.
  • Arms trade.
  • Child abuse (and I wrote about this to the weekly magazine Slovenka.)
  • White collars and their ‘puppets’, straw men.
  • Exposing connections between mafia, and politics.
  • There were also several more themes. However, this is the main scope of the areas we wanted to begin with.

Gaining any information about Pavol’s case was almost impossible in the beginning. Decoys, came and people from the Black PR agencies, and also some really brave people, who really helped me, and gave me the information that was truly relevant. Always, right after releasing some real of the facts, journalists from the Black PR responded immediately, and started with their usual rough and insidious mobbing, which I have vulgarly and radically knocked off. After some time, they stopped.

Also some witnesses, to whom I will dedicate more space in some of the next blogs, they have responded. They wanted to help with searching for Pavol and thus, various motives for murder have resurfaced. Among those, also premises in Obyce and its “tzar,” together with Marián Kočner. After some time, I have found out that Pavol wasn’t murdered because of Obyce, and the events that have happened there. We really wanted to get into Obyce and Pavol got a really important contact there. Also due to this contact, we knew which journalist was taking cash bribes for the Black PR work. We also knew about the several other cases. In most situations, Pavol didn’t do the dirty work. I usually did that. That means we that have enticed a journalist working for the Black PR to start talking, and I have recorded him in secret to get the evidence on what he was doing. I must point out the fact that no one knew what we were doing, because we wanted to release it publicly only later, and on our web portal.

And now to the point: Why did they murder Pavol Rýpal then? This is my blog, where I have described it all really well, and for the first time - https://chilli.today/sk/blog/UOpHyEK .

It took me really long time to find witnesses of what has actually happened. To start with, it is important to mention that Pavol's murder was monitored by an external secret service (I have photo documentation of that archive from the secret external workers). A soldier have murdered Pavol Rýpal, it is someone who has also worked for the government. According to my information, he is in jail now, and convicted for several other murders. Getting to him is close to impossible. I have begged many people to get me to him. Well, it is not possible. The alleged murder ordering party is also known to me. Hence, I have filed a criminal charge and handed to NAKA full photo-material, which I have previously saved in several save places. The photo-material has approximately 10 pages. It is a copy of a report with information about people who have monitored Pavol, and why they did that, and also reasons for murdering him.

I want to point out that Pavol was the first murdered journalist in Slovakia.

The reasons why Pavol was murdered are either tax frauds, or business with oil in barrels, that was also used for smuggling drugs to Slovakia. My guess was that it has involved arms trade as well. However, I was wrong in that, as arms were rather exported than imported. How have we worked as a team? Well, for example: Pavol would get to a 'big case'. One witness recalls: 'He took out a bag, in which there were about 15 projectiles. I laughed, and didn’t understand, because I thought he is testing me,’ said the witness to me, and continued: 'Mr. Rýpal brought me projectiles from SVD, Sauer eight and several 7.62 R, which were used as ammunition for a light machine gun. Mr. Pavol Rýpal then told me that 'he has put those eights there with a certain purpose' and I told him that it is a hunting eight, the type Steinhubel was shot by...I saw he got scared when I told him that. He asked me who told me that he came to me because of that. One guy who once shot for Nový čas (Slovak tabloid media) told me' ...and so this way, and due to various people, Pavol got to the important information how the business in Žitný Island worked, who managed what, and who managed the trade with light fuel oils in Slovakia. We were checking up on this information. I was checking on The Czech Republic, and Hungary too. The oil ‘flows’. It was imported by railway from Ukraine, through Hungary, Slovakia, and to The Czech Republic. The oil from Slovakia was exported to Tešín, and Ostrava in Czech Republic, as the light fuel oil used for heating. There, the Czech organized crime in the sphere of LTO,' and protected by Klaus' government took it, and legalized it. This business robbed Slovakia annually of 30 billion of the Slovak crowns, the Czech Republic of maybe up to 100 billion of the Czech crowns. I was fact checking, and verifying this information.

The witness continued: ‘Pavol has asked mainly about Šotár. Although Šotár is quite an important person, certain Reis should rather be the boss,' the witness repeated, and continued: 'but I mean the old guy, who, in the south, was the head of a group we could call the 'Jewish mafia.’ He was interested in the details of how the things were among the Pápays, the Kocsiss and Reis (gangs). He asked about certain Dano, who worked with the light fuel oils ...I was quite surprised, because only a very few people knew about that. Dano was a protégé of Tutti di capo-oligarch of Žitný Island.

Due to our investigation, we have found out that Šátor would offer Spišiak (who was the Vice President of Police Force) via Hodosi some information, under condition that the witness woild be protected, and an agreement would be made …back then, the agreements worked differently, than nowadays. Spišiak didn’t respond to it. (And therefore, we set aside the files they wanted to use to try discredit and take down Spišiak. This was the order of the mafia on Žitný Island.) Later, Šátor somehow reached Lučanský, with whom he met in Vamos Szabadi, if I recall correctly. After the meeting with Lučanský, Šátor hid in Tatras at the place of a man, Dipl. Ing. whose name started with T.

Šátor had a big problem in that time. Just very few people knew about that problem. Kočner was one of them. And this information ended up in Kočner's archive too. And, Kočner hasn’t released that information yet. By the way, Kočner’s archive is very interesting, and there is information about the upper level mafia and high politics, and their mutual businesses, and also murders, including the murder of Pavol Rýpal.

The theft of a truck in Hurbanovo could be the next possible lead, as the tracks pointed to Štúrovo, to the trade with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) on several spots on the banks of the river Danube from Štúrovo up to Bratislava, and via these they had covered the drug distribution. The drugs were smuggled in 200-liter oil barrels. Every time, when something started to get investigated, the police in Komárno, or in Nitra stopped it. An official record was made, findings were added, and the case was sent to the relevant department. However, the official records never arrived. Somehow, they got lost. Hence, neither the tax frauds, nor the drugs business was ever properly investigated. The official records were written, handed and got lost. This is how it worked on Žitný Island. It was a closed vivid organism of the organized crime. However, Pavol wasn’t interested in this information. He hid it, together with our other information, and works, such as the script for audio-visual work, entitled 'Rastarik.'

Most likely, under the influence of alcohol, Pavol let slip some information to a journalist, who was working with Slovak Information Service people. And at that time, the external workers started to monitor him. (However, the Black PR journalist didn’t know about this.) That journalist has incidentally leaked what Pavol has indicated to his sister Ivetka, that he was being followed, and wiretapped. He has also confined it to his very good friend Miroslav Miroslavko Bellan, and also to me. Paľo already knew at that time, that he was monitored and later he found out that he is to be killed. Therefore, he ordered counterfeit ID documents and wanted to flee. In his last days, they were chasing after him like after an animal, and captured him on the outskirts of Bratislava. Then, they killed him by two shots from the back to the back of his head. The only thing I am missing is the place where they have buried him. If I had ten thousand euros, I would pay to find the exact location of the place where he has been buried. It's easy. In Slovakia, people trade in information. And the information about the exact location of the murdered person costs ten thousand euro. Also, let me say this: I actually don’t condemn anyone specifically for anything in this case, because if you knew, what I have found out, that would maybe drive you crazy, or make you go directly to the certain politicians and smash their faces.

The reason, why the murder of Pavol Rýpal wasn’t fully investigated is that no one really believed him in the end. Hence, since he was isolated, it wasn’t such a problem to get rid of him. In the beginning, the police did all what it should do, more precisely, they run a standard procedure in the case of a lost person. Although it was all done superficially, it was a procedure carried out. The witnesses the police called in evidence claimed they didn’t know why and how Pavol disappeared. This is written in the files from the interrogation of the witnesses, right after his disappearance. None of us: myself – Peter Nôta, Mário Martinovský, Pavol’s sister Ivetka, his parents, and Miroslav Miroslavko Bellan, none of us was interrogated.

None of the witnesses claimed to the police that he was murdered; all of them rather pursued the idea of a runaway. Obviously, that wasn’t the truth. The police didn’t interrogate me, or Mário Martinovský until February 2008.

I was willing to continue cooperating either with NAKA or with Reporters without Borders. It is really important for me to find Pavol Rýpal, burry him and set a web portal that we wanted to start and run together. It will pay honor to Pavol as an honest person, friend and mainly it will be a memento of the mafia period between 2006 to 2020, and I do hope it will never come back again. Pavol was murdered for one single reason. He has interfered in the government business and revealed the tax frauds, consumption tax frauds and connection between mafia, government and oligarchs.


And, I thus claim that the murder of Pavol Rýpal was a political murder.

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