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Monika Le Fay: “Good only wins in Movies” says Andrej Babiš Jr. in an exclusive interview

The first-born son of Czech Prime Minister and a leader of the political movement “ANO” Andrej Babiš Jr. lives permanently with his mother in Geneva, Switzerland. I am in contact with him so, out of genuine interest, I asked him a few questions.

“You can’t choose your parents and I’m not responsible for my father’s actions” he says at the start. “I live in Geneva and, to be perfectly honest, I’m a bit afraid to travel to the Czech Republic. With people like Cyril Höschl around, you have a good reason to be scared. (Cyril Höschl is a widely renowned Czech psychiatrist and the manager of the National Health Institute in Klecany, Czech Republic who expressed his approval of the abduction of Andrej Babiš Jr. to Crimea).

“At the moment I’m mentally stable” says the Prime Minister’s son. “What they did to me in the NÚDZ (the National Health Institute) was horrendous. The Swiss authorities were shocked when they heard about it from my mother. They dosed me with Fluanxol and when I started shaking heavily, they gave me Akineton to suppress the tremor. It was like shooting someone through the leg and then holding their mouth shut to prevent them from screaming” (Note: a combination of antipsychotic and antiparkinsonian drugs that are also used to treat drug induced movement disorders).

I have some test results here, done by a Swedish doctor in Switzerland in September 2020 and they don’t indicate any serious mental disorder. So, what’s your point of view?

“My recent therapist doesn’t think that I have schizophrenia”

So what does she think it is? PTSD or something of that kind? I can imagine that such levels of stress can lead to anxiety or panic attacks in any person, even without a previous mental disorder.

“I told my entire story to her. I’d experienced quite a lot of severe stress but, at the moment, I’m feeling better than ever before. I’m still taking some medication but much smaller doses than I was taking in the Czech Republic”.

And did your recent therapist give you a diagnosis?

“As I’ve already said, she doesn’t think that I suffer from schizophrenia. She carried out several tests based on the American Psychiatric Association and none of them showed any signs of the illness.”

What about Dr. Dita Protopopovová, the wife of the man who abducted you to Crimea, what medication did she give you in the National Health Institute?

[Note: Dr. Dita Protopopovová, nee Kalnická (member of the ANO movement) was a manager of a psychiatric care reform project under former Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtěch. In November 2019 Prime Minister Andrej Babiš Sr. made her secretary of a governmental team for mental health. Protopopovová is the author of an expert report which, allegedly, was intentionally created for Mr. Babiš Jr. to avoid criminal proceedings in the infamous “Čapí Hnízdo” (“Stork’s Nest”) case. Her father was a diplomat serving in Moscow and her husband, who was involved in the abduction case, is of Russian origin]

When journalist J. Kubík (Seznam News) asked Dr. Cyril Höschl about your possible schizophrenia, he said “I never mentioned it but I don’t have any doubts that this is the case”.

I won’t comment on that. He used to be an STB (National Security Service under the former Communist regime) informer and his actions speak for themselves.

Can you tell me about the incident in which you were arrested after “hanging about” on a motorway and that led to your hospitalization?

The police certainly didn’t find me “hanging about” there as the media described it. I was in my car and the police vehicle made me stop by aggressive driving so I pulled to the D1 motorway’s hard shoulder.

You were then committed to hospital by a very swift decision of Havlíčkův Brod court. The verdict says that, according to your family wishes, you were hospitalized in Klecany National Health Institute, managed by Dr. Cyril Höschl [Note: In the past, Dr. Cyril Höschl was known for informing on his patients, he repeatedly breached medical confidentiality and he was under suspicion of contacts with the Russian KGB – as I’ve written here before]. Did you wish to be transferred to Klecany?

It was done on my family members’ (probably my father’s) request, I suspect that they used some loophole in the law for that. I woke up in Havlíčkův Brod, feeling absolutely healthy and stable, there didn’t seem to be anything the matter with me. I didn’t have any psychiatric symptoms and they could have discharged me there and then. I just showered, had something to eat and drink. However, when I returned to my room, I was immediately given an injection and passed out. I Came to in the Klecany hospital and had a feeling that a long time had passed.

Did you sign a consent to treatment while in Klecany?

Yes and I regret it to this day. I’m not sure who diagnosed me there but I was an idiot as I just signed a piece of paper that was brought to my bed. They lock you up and, after a month of you asking “when will I be free to go” they bring Dr. Protopopovová along and treat you like a toddler. They kept saying “We can’t help you, Andrej, if you don’t sign”. I’m just a human being so I gave them my signature – I wanted to get out so much but exactly the opposite happened.

How does it feel, growing up with a father like yours?

Erm…I’d prefer not to say. There were some positive moments but they were rare.

OK, I just wanted to know what kind of personality he is.

I have nothing to do with my father’s actions, my conscience is clear. For all my life I’ve been trying to cut the ties. I’d like to thank all the people in the Czech Republic who have expressed their interest and support, I’m really grateful for that. But please bear in mind that good only wins in movies, take care of yourselves.

[Note: while this article was being edited, it was reported in the media that the criminal proceedings which were underway in the Crimea abduction case were being dropped as “no crime was committed”. The Police claim that Andrej Babiš Jr.’s story was made up so I asked him for an additional comment: “That’s nonsense, the Police are just covering their backs. They never interviewed me, I didn’t make anything up. Protopopov took me to his wife’s office in the hospital where I was told that I had a choice – either to stay locked up or go on a ‘holiday’ with Petr (Protopopov)… I didn’t really have a choice, it was like being held at a gunpoint so I said ‘Alright then, I’ll do the latter”.


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