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Yekta Uzunoğlu: Hostage – 2

Hostage – 2


Europe is perceived and presented as Alma Mater of democracy but whenever a Kurd is charged, detained or arrested, or a Kurdish organization or association is banned, it has become the rule that there is some trade behind the closed door at the expense of suffering, torture, torment of the Kurds.

Before federal elections were held in Germany on 18 September 2005, Schröder, as a candidate for the post of Chancellor for the coming period, was afraid of defeat and needed the voices of Turks living in Germany with dual citizenship.

In Frankfurt, Germany, the Turkish daily newspaper for the Turks living in Europe have been published for decades, and the owner of these newspaper was and still is the controversial Aydin Doğan. So, our pragmatic socialist met Aydin Doğan… and then? What were the conditions for Aydin Doğan’s support for Schröder on the pages of his newspaper? We do not know the exact contents of the talks but we only know that the German government, led by Gerhard Schröder, banned some Kurdish newspapers, organizations or associations that had been founded under German law.

But even the Turkish trade did not help. It was a trade similar to bargaining at an Istanbul bazaar though it was done in the largest country of European civilization, with a representative of Germany. Schröder lost the elections and, as a (person thinking rationally) “pragmatist”, headed for Moscow, where he is allegedly active as an economic adviser to Putin (or even political one?) and, according to some information, he is a part of Gazprom headquarters! The German courts immediately abolished the ban on Kurdish newspapers and associations operating in Germany!

As the number of German hostages in the hands of Erdogan’s Turkey increased, Germany turned again to the old master magician in the hostage trade – Schröder. The old (fox) magician flew to the Sultan in October 2017 to bow down to him and ask for his commercial blessing when releasing German prisoners. And Schröder did not disappoint again and apparently bought back all the hostages except for Deniz Yücel, a German journalist, and he had one message for his country: be reconciled with Moscow and Ankara! Where was democracy left? Human rights? Thousands of other Kurdish and Turkish hostages in the Erdogan dungeons?

Pragmatist: Do not bother with that bullshit and become reconciled with Erdogan!

As you can see, Sigmar Gabriel listened obediently to the advice of his master, they had known each other for decades and they both came from Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), both were prime ministers of local government in Niedersachsen, when Sigmar Gabriel, still an obedient Schröder’s pupil, took over the post as the prime minister of Niedersachsen. But watch out! Now we are not just talking about any federal state, but about Niersachsen, where VW has their headquarters! Where the largest stock package is owned by the provincial government!

Sigmar Gabriel’s relationship with VW is a too large topic to be included here, but one thing is familiar. When Peter Hartz’s VW scandal started, Peter Hartz himself even bought a luxury villa for VW where the most prominent prostitutes were offered to the outstanding and picky guests. They were ready to fulfill any wish they could see and feel not only in their eyes ….. The bill for the prostitutes, found by court, is rather high for regular prostitutes. We do not know whether some Arabs from Qatar were among those special guests, too. Anyway, they are currently the third largest owners of VW. We prefer not to think about it at all….

He can not be denied having an incredible school of life filled with highly capable teachers not only in the person of Schröder but also his former wife who was Turkish…

At the time when every other sentence by Turkish Foreign Minister and his sultan was as insulting and humiliating as possible, when speaking about the top German representatives, Gabriel hosted Mevlüt Çavuşoglu in his home in Goslar Mevlüt Çavuşoglu (January 5, 2018) and served tea by himself. .. while a few weeks before, his wife turned to the media in despair and fear as she felt endangered as she was threatened by the Turks … That is, in the real, pragmatic and civilized world of politics, an insignificant detail destined to be forgotten … But fortunately, that woman had so much dignity not to serve Mevlüt Çavuşoglu as a hostess, and she left the task for the master of the house who was able to bear it …

We know about all that just because a person from that small house took a picture of the two gentlemen, when Sigmar Gabriel served tea for Mevlüt Cavusoglu in an Oriental way and then let picture go out into the world… Could that be his own wife? We do not know, but I am asking:  who else would have so much courage and desire to take revenge, and who else could move around in a private house so freely?

Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, a conservative politician and minister of defense, also from Nidersachsen, her father was once the prime minister of that federal state for the CDU, after her last visit to Kurdistan in Iraq, wanted the federal government to continue their support for the Kurds. But the socialists, after those friendly visits and in the shadow of public outrage by Erdogan’s followers, were furious and enforced the “adjustment” or shortening of the support! They also ignored the fact that they came from the same region as Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, that they had known each other for generations and that her father Erst Albrecht was also the prime minister of that country! We prefer ignoring sympathy with the Kurds fighting with almost bare hands the IS – monsters in that train of gears. But what about having some respect for the lady, some respect for the compatriot, some respect for her father sacrificing himself for that region and the country where Sigmar Gabriel grew up!

Unlike conservative Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen’s father, Sigmar Gabriel’s father remained faithful to Hitler until his death! Did the genetics prevail and influence the structure of personality more than the socio-pedagogical influence on individual development? I do not know, I’m not a geneticist!

On February 5, 2018, Erdogan was to visit his Eminence Pope Francis in Vatican and got accommodated in a hotel. And do you know who travelled as far as Rome in the evening to visit him like a Sultan? Sigmar Gabriel! We do not know, what he offered in that trade in the spirit of the Islamic bazaar in the Christian Vatican. We only know that the German journalist Deniz Yücel, held hostage in Turkey, was probably bought out. After he was arrested Erdogan said about him: “Until I’m here, he will not see the light “, Eleven days later, on 16 February 2018, Sigmar Gabriel could tell the German nation, as a great liberator, that he, as the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, liberated the journalist Deniz Yücel and thus he got into history as a skilful hostage liberator, like his master Schröder when he exchanged the murderer of a Kurdish leader for a German businessman! I am rightfully asking, at whose expense the deal with Erdogan was made! Such things are happening in a democratic – legal Europe, which had the vision to become an example and model for the whole world as the most humane, fairer social, state order bound to the highest human ethics ….

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