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Miroslav Stec. Please, check up the latest influenza vaccination 2019-2020.

Miroslav Stec. Please, check up the latest influenza vaccination 2019-2020.

       Once, there are many medical deaths in the short period of time in several agglomerations for whatever reason, the massive check up of the last  wide vaccination should be done.  This is a strong message from the history of vaccination.  The undesirable  serious diseases or reactions happened after vaccination not only once.  It was  usually the anomaly  in the  immunite reactions,  which paradoxically lead to worse state of patient, even to the death. The inadequate reactions could happen right after vaccination, but even after a couple of months with the next infection connected to the different patogen, which was not the subject of the former vaccination !   

       There are many patients who died by Covid-19 due to the so-called cytokine storm, possibly as well  because of ADE - antibody-dependent enhancement (eventually combination). So many, that right this number of deaths, can explain the peaks in the mortality of Covi-19 in  the agglomerations all over the world. This fenomen of cytokine storm & ADE and the number of deaths  connected to this, can also explain the increased number of deaths above the usual-average level mortality in the observed period of time in the particular agglomeration. It would be pretty strong to say: "There is  SarS-CoV-2 (no more harmful than normal influenza), there is no Covid-19,  there is just the lethal coincidence  of SarS-CoV-2 and not proper influenza vaccination in the season 2019-2020". It is maybe a bit thick statement, but better to check it up !

       Were there some important changes in the influenza vaccination in the season 2019-2020 all over the world in the Covid -19 affected agglomerations? There were a couple:

a). The first time in the history of influenza vaccination, the so-called cell-based vaccines were distributed in a pretty big amount ( after 70 years of prevalent classic egg-based vaccines).  30 millions of cell-based (from 174,5 million of all ) doses were distributed just in the USA.

b). The first time in the history of influenza vaccination,  the cell-based vaccines were distributed even to the EU countries in huge amounts, specially to the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherland, Swiss. It  is not clear if Wuhan, and other attacked  agglomerations in the world received any of them, but it is highly possible.

c). The first time in the history of influenza vaccination, the quadrivalent cell-based technology includes as well the "A" strain of the flu. Until 2019 it was mostly just the "Trivalent " variant of cell-based vaccines. From 2019, it started the "Quadrivalent" variant of cell-based vaccines. 

       Enough important changes for check up !


       There are couple  of  more evidences calling up for  careful inspection of last 2019-2020 influenza vaccination: 

 1. " There have been no randomised controlled trials comparing the efficacy of QIVc (quadrivalent cell-based vaccine)  and standard egg-based quadrivalent vaccines (QIVe), just real-world data, and the EMA has already approved Flucelvax Tetra on the basis of immunogenicity and safety of the QIVc compared to a cell-based trivalent influenza vaccine." http://www.pharmatimes.com/news/approval_for_seqirus_flu_vaccine_1275000?fbclid=IwAR3f2GZtBwgiuRQutnsFlNL93Sy3YpAAfF05IY8XGULb_pk6IJNx0w20tXA

 2.  There are no finished trials. " A total of 10,650 eligible subjects (or 3,550 subjects distributed evenly between the 3 study arms) are  enrolled. Eligible subjects are  randomized in 1:1:1 (cell-culture-based vaccine, the recombinant vaccine, or the egg-based vaccine) over two influenza seasons (2018-2019, 2019-2020). Trial will finish in september 30. 2021 !  


 3.  There is a strange correlation: "  More vaccinated people in the  agglomerations in the 2019-2020  influenza season, more deaths of Covid-19 patients in this attacked  agglomerations.  Compare for example the USA with 30 millions of influenza cell-based doses (from 174,5 millions ds.) in the season 2019-2020  and Slovak republic with 0 cell-based doses (from 250.000 ds.). The most vaccinated people were 65 and older, what was the most vulnerable  part of the population with the most number of deaths connected to Covid-19.

 4. ADE can hamper vaccine development, as a vaccine may cause the production of antibodies which, via ADE, worsen the disease the vaccine is designed to protect against. Vaccine candidates for Dengue virus and feline infectious peritonitis virus (a cat coronavirus) had to be stopped because they elicited ADE. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibody-dependent_enhancement

 5.  Non-human primates vaccinated with modified vaccinia Ankara virus encoding full-length SARS-CoV spike glycoprotein and challenged with the SARS-CoV virus had lower viral loads but suffered from acute lung injury due to antibody-dependent enhancement.Antibody-dependent enhancement has been observed in both severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) animal models allowing the respective viruses to enter cells expressing Fc𝛾R including myeloid lineage cells. Antibody-dependent enhancement of acute lung injury has been documented in animal models of both SARS and MERS. Rabbits intranasally infected with MERS-COV developed a pulmonary infection characterized by viremia and perivascular inflammation of the lung, and an antibody response that lacked neutralizing antibodies. The rabbits developed more severe lung disease on re-exposure to MERS-COV, and developed neutralizing antibodies after reinfection. In SARS, mice vaccinated with four types of vaccines against SARS-COV, as well as those infected with SARS-COV itself, developed neutralizing antibodies. Mice were then challenged with live SARS-COV, upon which all developed immunopathologic-type lung disease, although none had detectable virus two days after challenge and were protected compared to control. The development of immunopathology upon exposure has been a major challenge for coronavirus vaccine development and may similarly impact SARS-COV-2 vaccine research. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibody-dependent_enhancement

 6. Prior receipt of 2008–09 TIV was associated with an increased risk of medically attended pH1N1 illness during the spring-summer 2009 in Canada. The occurrence of bias (selection, information) or confounding cannot be ruled out. Further experimental and epidemiological assessment is warranted. Possible biological mechanisms and immunoepidemiology implications are considered. Natural infection and the attenuated vaccine induce antibodies that enhance the update of the homologous virus and H1N1 virus isolated several years later, demonstrating that a primary influenza A virus infection results in the induction of infection enhancing antibodies. ADE was suspected in infections with influenza A virus subtype H7N9, but knowledge is limited. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibody-dependent_enhancement

 7. The cell-based vaccination was maybe not correctly boosted by the executive order of Donald Trump in september 19th. 2019, which pressed the farmacy business to abandon  classic egg-based  (after 70 years) too soon without proper trials.

 8. Egg-based vaccines offer (due to long 6 month cultivation on the egg) even not specific protection  or antibodies compared to those made by cell-based technology. There are a couple of studies, which point  to  the not comparable efficacy of cell-based vaccines.

 9. There is evidence of genetic predisposition for Cytokine storm &  ADE. There is an obesity predisposition for Cytokine storm & ADE. 


Sorces:  http://www.pharmatimes.com/news/fda_approves_novartis_cell_culture_flu_vaccine_976194














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